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Digiville: Working across Disciplines, Borders, and Attitudes

10 April 2008 Lighthouse, Brighton
The Collaboration Experience: Working across Disciplines, Borders, and Attitudes Cynthia Beth Rubin A discussion of the pitfalls and benefits of collaboration, drawing from personal experience, and from discussions with other artists who have collaborated in the creation of new works. New Media forms of artistic practice seem to be made for collaboration, as artists can now merge varying elements pictorial, sound, and interface elements, as well as working between 2D and 3D.

The Public Space is not Common Place - Performing the Archive

Date : Thu Mar 22nd 10am-1pm
Event : The Public Space is not Common Place - Performing the Archive
With : Snifflin' Elanor Bonny, Cowerin' Norm Smithe, Bloody Mary Rackham, Marylin the Back-Stabber, Smugglin' Lucy Smithe

The Greatest Chapter of Art History in the World.
Goldsmiths, MA Contemporary Art Theory, Critical Encounter Lab Group 3: "Yokoonoesque"


You are invited to attend a special presentation screening of the Bristol Bronx young peoples A/V collaboration at the Watershed on Wednesday evening 21st March at 7pm.

There will be a live video conference with the facilitators in New York and some of the young people involved will talk about their experiences whilst mixing audio visuals from their performances live on the internet. This will include audio and visuals from the Bruce Grove, London workshops which were held in tandem and provided an exchange for young people in both groups.

Bruce Grove Mix in VisitorsStudio

Online real-time event : Bruce Grove Mix
When?: Fri Feb 23rd 3pm-4pm GMT
With : Fizzykal, Traye, Seyoum, Prince, Blazem, Hazeldon, Kkid, Kidhypez, Yoseph, Shazey, Szpako and Grazmaster

A group of talented young people from Tottenham in North London have been preparing media files that explore and depict life in their local neighbourhood. Their mix has been prepared with the support of two artists, Graziano Milano and Michael Szpakowski and will be projected live during the launch of the new Bruce Grove Media Centre, London N17.

Music builds bridges - from Bristol to NY has teamed up with The Basement Studio, Bristol and The Point youth centre in the New York Bronx to run a series of workshops in realtime internet audio visual mixing. Over 4 weekends 10 young people aged 16 - 20 in both cities are meeting through a web site interface called VisitorsStudio and working together in groups to develop an audio visual performance or DJ/VJ mix that will be simultaneously screened live to audiences in both cities. The workshops are being held at the Basement Studio, Bristol on Saturdays 10th, 17th, 24th of February & 3rd of March from 2 - 6.30 pm and the final mixes will be screened at Watershed Media Centre on Wednesday 21st March.

Szpakowski on VS

VIEW A SHORT MOVIE > >about VisitorsStudio, directed by Michael Szpakowski called "So that we can see the conversation that we have to make the work". This was made for 5+5=5.

"VS creates a Beuysian mediaspace or channel for the (relative) masses in which openness and access override technical specificity. Of course, with the private sector's current Web 2.0 models of audience-created intellectual property, the very openness of the VS's content model raises issues around creative freedom that are larger than this short missive. What is important is that the VS offers a readily accessible channel for collective creation and community building with minimal toolsets, and this, while not unheard of, is a highly valuable asset in the New Media world." Essay about VisitorsStudio by Patrick Lichty.

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