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Updates to VisitorsStudio

We are currently working on updates to this blog and to VisitorsStudio.

New subscriptions to the blog are temporarily suspended but VisitorsStudio remains open for play. Please log in, upload your own files or use other peoples to create a live mix. Invite others to join you. See you in there there.


Fundamentalism vs Evolution- another dilemma of coexistence

Ruth Marc Performance Poster
You are invited to a live networked performance by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow
Thursday 20th March 2008
As part of the Liminal Screen Programme at BMNI, Banff

8pm local time in the Colab-lab, JPL Building, BMNI, Banff
2am (GMT) live online in Visitorsstudio,


Mixes by Sfumato

070707 UpStage Festival - call


UpStage Festival

call for participation
a festival of live online performances to celebrate the launch of UpStage 2

You are warmly invited to create your own original cyberformance and perform it to a global audience on 7 July 2007, using UpStage - .

Purpose-built for live interactive performance events, UpStage is easy and fun to use. It works via a web browser so you don't need to download or install anything to create or attend a performance. The UpStage team can help you to learn how to use the software and give advice on devising work in UpStage and creating graphics.

Together With The Kids

Last week Graziano Milano led our first training day at HTTP Gallery for media artists interested in working with young people and digital media. We also demonstrated VisitorsStudio.

Especially enjoyable was the process of sharing stories and memories with other participants as a way of identifying some common vivid images and themes that we could then work on together. Finding satisfying ways to work together still remains the most difficult thing in VisitorsStudio - how diverse groups of individuals can identify and commit to participatory processes and it not just feel like going through the motions... or a fight for individuals to get their voices heard. The fear is that the process will end up something like what is sometimes described as 'designing by committee'.

Action on Hunts Point

This photo was posted on the ACTION YOUTH blog by ACTION youth in the Bronx, New York, USA, who are participating in a live audiovisual mixing project with young people in Bristol. The project is run by Roger from, in February.

Roger's the one in the middle with the blue shirt on.


Happy Holidays

This mix is from a short thread on the Netbehaviour Mailing list - 1 & 2/1/07

Alan Sondheim wrote "3000 US military dead! Not to mention Iraqis and so many others; not to mention world-wide extinctions on a planet heading further to hell - Happy Holidays; if you believe in god/s, pray for the rest of us!... We have met the enemy and he is us - (more or less paraphrased from Pogo)"

Seasonal Sensations

A seasonal mix from the Furtherfield Crew


Similar but different- focus on real-time data (rather than media) manipulation.
Same sense of collective endeavour and development- conflates object and process - software platform and artistic output- with a strong emphasis on OPEN FREE the traditional sense that code is to be shared and does not require any engagement with proprietory systems....

=====================:: PURE:DYNE - EXTENDED PLAY vs
In this world of parallel dynes, pure:dyne [osc~ 440] has been created to provide a complete and | ready made environment for artists and | \m awesome developers who are looking for a system | /) duuude! dedicated to real time audio and video [dac~] (\ processing.

GRP - discovering each other

Last Saturday 18 th november GRP (groupe de recherche et de production) associated with from Montpellier, France, met in VisitorsStudio.

GRP are five people (annie abrahams, clément charmet, patricya rydzok, alain lapierre and anneclaire) of very different backgrounds and computer skills who meet and experience "computer related "new" stuff every 6 weeks" as a way of "escaping what one already knows". Every GRP session has a "master" (for this one it was Annie)who agrees to put a result online, that might be as simple as a textfile or an image. These "productions" are visible on the panoplie website (prepared by Clément Charmet).

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