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Jimpunk vs Visitorsstudio.

Jimpunk has just created one of his dynamic and enigmatic net art pieces that focuses on Furtherfield's Visitorsstudio, a deconstruction or destruction of its interface.

Please use a Firefox browser for viewing this work, to get the full effect. Internet Explorer does not work for it.

Jimpunk vs Visitorsstudio link

newmediaFIX has blogs Graziano's new collection of VS-mixes.

newmediaFIX blogs Graziano's new collection of VS-mixes.

newmediaFIXrecommends online resources and projects; it offers news and occasional reviews, and periodically releases indepth texts on new media culture...

Latest Audio/Visual VisitorsStudio mixes by Graziano Milano.

VisitorsStudio is a real-time, multi-user, online arena for creative 'many to many' dialogue, interviews, networked performance and collaborative polemic.

Visitorsstudio is a project. Through simple and accessible facilities, the VisitorsStudio web-based interface allows users to upload, manipulate and collage their own audio-visual files with others', to remix existing media. VisitorsStudio provides a platform for the exploration of collective creativity for both emergent and established artists from a diverse array of geographical locations and social contexts.

A CONTEXT MAP OF VisitorsStudio on Remix Theory

Remix Theory an online resource by Eduardo Navas, is featuring A CONTEXT MAP OF VisitorsStudio, by Ruth Catlow & myself. An article that we both collaboratively wrote, putting forward a clearer perspective & context, in regard to where it sits within the thriving territory of real-time art, software art, net art and participative and collaborative expression in contemporary ‘remix culture’..

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