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We are currently working on updates to this blog and to VisitorsStudio.

New subscriptions to the blog are temporarily suspended but VisitorsStudio remains open for play. Please log in, upload your own files or use other peoples to create a live mix. Invite others to join you. See you in there there.



ActiveLayers is proud to present Grand Uncle's final broadcast for Radio FAQ on their website. He has been receiving more phonecalls from across the globe, including a mysterious call from Kathy and a rather over-protective mother. More music from the very talented Brynne as well!
It is available for you to listen to now! Just follow this link:


Calling Home

We invite you to our cyberformance "Calling Home - Part 1" on UpStage
Tuesday July 1, 2008, find your local time here: http://tinyurl.com/5f65a3
eg: 5am NY, 10am UK, 7pm Bris., Melb., 9pm NZ,

Meet Heather, Esme, Michael J Finch and Grand Uncle. Can you help them find their home? Go to
http://www.activelayers.net/callinghome.html and click on the pictures to get to each character's "stage".

Digiville: Working across Disciplines, Borders, and Attitudes

10 April 2008 Lighthouse, Brighton
The Collaboration Experience: Working across Disciplines, Borders, and Attitudes Cynthia Beth Rubin A discussion of the pitfalls and benefits of collaboration, drawing from personal experience, and from discussions with other artists who have collaborated in the creation of new works. New Media forms of artistic practice seem to be made for collaboration, as artists can now merge varying elements pictorial, sound, and interface elements, as well as working between 2D and 3D.

Fundamentalism vs Evolution- another dilemma of coexistence

Ruth Marc Performance Poster
You are invited to a live networked performance by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow
Thursday 20th March 2008
As part of the Liminal Screen Programme at BMNI, Banff

8pm local time in the Colab-lab, JPL Building, BMNI, Banff
2am (GMT) live online in Visitorsstudio, http://visitorsstudio.org


Mixes by Sfumato

VisitorsStudio Audio/Visual Mixes by Graziano Milano aka Grazmaster

Jimpunk vs Visitorsstudio.

Jimpunk has just created one of his dynamic and enigmatic net art pieces that focuses on Furtherfield's Visitorsstudio, a deconstruction or destruction of its interface.

Please use a Firefox browser for viewing this work, to get the full effect. Internet Explorer does not work for it.

Jimpunk vs Visitorsstudio link

newmediaFIX has blogs Graziano's new collection of VS-mixes.

newmediaFIX blogs Graziano's new collection of VS-mixes.

newmediaFIXrecommends online resources and projects; it offers news and occasional reviews, and periodically releases indepth texts on new media culture...

Latest Audio/Visual VisitorsStudio mixes by Graziano Milano.

VisitorsStudio is a real-time, multi-user, online arena for creative 'many to many' dialogue, interviews, networked performance and collaborative polemic.

Visitorsstudio is a Furtherfield.org project. Through simple and accessible facilities, the VisitorsStudio web-based interface allows users to upload, manipulate and collage their own audio-visual files with others', to remix existing media. VisitorsStudio provides a platform for the exploration of collective creativity for both emergent and established artists from a diverse array of geographical locations and social contexts.

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