Happy Holidays

This mix is from a short thread on the Netbehaviour Mailing list - 1 & 2/1/07

Alan Sondheim wrote "3000 US military dead! Not to mention Iraqis and so many others; not to mention world-wide extinctions on a planet heading further to hell - Happy Holidays; if you believe in god/s, pray for the rest of us!... We have met the enemy and he is us - (more or less paraphrased from Pogo)"

Seasonal Sensations

A seasonal mix from the Furtherfield Crew


Similar but different- focus on real-time data (rather than media) manipulation.
Same sense of collective endeavour and development- conflates object and process - software platform and artistic output- with a strong emphasis on OPEN FREE etc..in the traditional sense that code is to be shared and does not require any engagement with proprietory systems....

=====================:: PURE:DYNE - EXTENDED PLAY
goto10.org vs dyne.org
In this world of parallel dynes, pure:dyne [osc~ 440] has been created to provide a complete and | ready made environment for artists and | \m awesome developers who are looking for a system | /) duuude! dedicated to real time audio and video [dac~] (\ processing.

Szpakowski on VS

VIEW A SHORT MOVIE > >about VisitorsStudio, directed by Michael Szpakowski called "So that we can see the conversation that we have to make the work". This was made for 5+5=5.

"VS creates a Beuysian mediaspace or channel for the (relative) masses in which openness and access override technical specificity. Of course, with the private sector's current Web 2.0 models of audience-created intellectual property, the very openness of the VS's content model raises issues around creative freedom that are larger than this short missive. What is important is that the VS offers a readily accessible channel for collective creation and community building with minimal toolsets, and this, while not unheard of, is a highly valuable asset in the New Media world." Essay about VisitorsStudio by Patrick Lichty.

GRP - discovering each other

Last Saturday 18 th november GRP (groupe de recherche et de production) associated with panoplie.org from Montpellier, France, met in VisitorsStudio.

GRP are five people (annie abrahams, clément charmet, patricya rydzok, alain lapierre and anneclaire) of very different backgrounds and computer skills who meet and experience "computer related "new" stuff every 6 weeks" as a way of "escaping what one already knows". Every GRP session has a "master" (for this one it was Annie)who agrees to put a result online, that might be as simple as a textfile or an image. These "productions" are visible on the panoplie website (prepared by Clément Charmet).

utopias- prep

Just met online with marc and nathaniel - working out how to prepare for saturday's performance between Jo'burg, Derby and London. We are working with ideas of UTOPIA (though I suspect that we are all most attracted to representations of its antithesis.

We have each allocated ourselves layers to work with and one left for a free for all.

The plan over the next couple of days is to create and share files that might build a collaborative narrative and to maintain a dialogue about what we are doing. I've created a forum here for

Welcome to VS Version2

an online place for real-time, multi-user mixing, collaborative creation, many to many dialogue and networked performance and play.

Chat with other users while you upload and mix your sounds, images and movies in real-time.

Lots of new artistic tools, facilities and resources...

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