Please we can trial forums as a place to plan and collaborate when preparing for live visitorsstudio performances.

To really explore the theme of UTOPIA

To really explore the theme of UTOPIA and share our ideas, Marc and I just discussed how images and sounds will need to be a good mix of direct reference and more structural/contextual content.

This is how the game/play conversation with ele carpenter, about utopia is going so far

clarification and ut/dys topia.

I'm not sure i get the distinction - could you give a sample of the kind of content you mean when you say 'direct reference' vs 'more structural/contextual'? i did like the other forum as a starting point...

From where I'm thinking, in contemporary literature, utopia/dystopia are often one and the same. It's amusing that several people mentioned Bush in the aforementioned forum, in that 1984, farenheight 451, brave new world are often brought up as BUSHIAN on some level, and all are a play between both utopia and dystopia, at their extremes: no poverty but living in fear, completely secure but no learning, everyone happy but little free thought, respectively (for example).... westerfeld's new YA trilogy playes a lot with that tension as well. The 'freedom from' (terorism, porn, gays, but not fear) and 'freedom to' (epress yourself, not be listened to when talking on the phone, marry who you choose) dichotomy is one I often use when compaing the US and SA.

question: how do we represent these complexities and nuances is the coolio space that is the VS?



yes to....utopia/dystopia are often one and the same.
also find the freedom from, freedom to dichotomy a useful one.

As for your question about representing these complexities etc in the VS.

My favourite view of VS is as a dialogic space... between mixers, the files that they upload and observers/hecklers.

Because it is a new form of public space, there are not yet established protocols for how this dialogue is accomplished- which is a great "freedom to" improvise, respond, collaborate and can also end up being a "freedom from" control, coherence, clarity and communication.

With this in mind perhaps I could propose a couple of tactics for this afternoon's collaborative mix of still and moving images.

Marc has suggested a start and a finish for the sound of the performance- a single chorus from Hildegard of BIngen (christian church music) then sung muslim prayer, then a politician speaking.

Other than that he says he will work the sound to add spice and atmosphere and context to the visuals and that it makes sense for him to work responsively to our visual mix. We can see how this works in our practice run this afternoon and change our minds if necessary.

For the visuals we could create a series of split screens- horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

For part of the session we could each take control of one side of the screen, from where we mix and respond to each others mixes within our allocated layers.

We've already agreed that layer 7 is a wild card for use by anyone. I like the idea that this can be a way of shifing the context of the conversation.

Themes within my images at the moment are:-
different gatherings/mobs of people- establishment, protesters, governance
some footage from tv portrayal of the new orwellian eternal war
I have found some footage from a palestinian artist of the wall, and jerusalem
in fact I will post my list of images in another post.

now to see your latest uploads : )


sounds great - i like that you are scouring the net rather than scouring your machine (which is what i have been doing). I guess most of my stuff has been a blend of consumerism and hyperreallity in the sonic, in the vein of mirror images, security and talking heads in the images and video. i am having major sound issues (everything sounds chipmunkik - can i send you files?), but i love the grid idea, then breaking it up at points. i'll do my best to respond to your visuals - maybe i'll try to upload some more stuff AFTER we've done a test run at 2, and see how we work together - might have a better idea of what is "missing" then....