GRP - discovering each other

Last Saturday 18 th november GRP (groupe de recherche et de production) associated with from Montpellier, France, met in VisitorsStudio.

GRP are five people (annie abrahams, clément charmet, patricya rydzok, alain lapierre and anneclaire) of very different backgrounds and computer skills who meet and experience "computer related "new" stuff every 6 weeks" as a way of "escaping what one already knows". Every GRP session has a "master" (for this one it was Annie)who agrees to put a result online, that might be as simple as a textfile or an image. These "productions" are visible on the panoplie website (prepared by Clément Charmet).

View their documentation here...
Translated from the French, they write “An afternoon spent discovering the application but also, and more importantly, spent discovering the other. The experience is a struggle, a frustration, because it lacks structure. But it is also an exercise in listening. It brings about a moment of communal experimentation. An obvious parallel would be the improvisations that take place among jazz musicians. Thank you Visitorsstudio!”

Here are a couple of their mixes here...

I think that they hit the nail on the head. The difficulties really lie in giving up control or negotiating control of a shared audio-visual space.

pleasure to share, pleasure to live moment

we took extracts here :

We were all in the same room but each alone with a computer... in a silent war of files

I'll be back soon !

One of things we learned is,

Inside our group there were two ways of being in the experiment.
Frustration came from the boys that wanted to have more grip on the final result, and didn't like the chaotical way things evolved. The girls (I can't help it, but it was really that way) had more sensibility for what was actually happening and especially liked the fact that the studio gave an opportunity to do something new, to join in an hazardous experiment and to use their improvisation "qualities".
One of things we learned is, that you have to have good knowledge of the database and / or have to prepare special files in order to use all the possibilities of the Visitorsstudio.