Similar but different- focus on real-time data (rather than media) manipulation.
Same sense of collective endeavour and development- conflates object and process - software platform and artistic output- with a strong emphasis on OPEN FREE etc..in the traditional sense that code is to be shared and does not require any engagement with proprietory systems....

=====================:: PURE:DYNE - EXTENDED PLAY
goto10.org vs dyne.org
In this world of parallel dynes, pure:dyne [osc~ 440] has been created to provide a complete and | ready made environment for artists and | \m awesome developers who are looking for a system | /) duuude! dedicated to real time audio and video [dac~] (\ processing.

The dyne:II project provides tools and an optimized platform to try out and work on a large range of applications. The pure:dyne customization by goto10 comes with optimized and tested software such as supercollider, icecast, csound, packet forth, fluxus and much more, including of course pure data and a great collection of essential externals and abstractions (PDP, PiDiP, Gem, GridFlow, RRadical, PixelTango ...). Thanks to the dyne:II compatibility all the Home Studio "classics" have not been forgotten (Ardour, LADSPA, seq24, Rezound ...) and numerous essential graphics software are also bundled (Inkscape, Gimp, Blender ...).

The pure:dyne project is a growing community effort maintained by media artists for media artists. It is an ideal platform for audiovisual performances, installations and FLOSS+ART workshops.

It is available as both a dyne:II compatible module, and a full low latency desktop i686 Live GNU/Linux distribution, working from hard drive, CD, CF/MD or USB key.


Key Features:
- Jack oriented GNU/Linux distribution
- Complete FLOSS Home studio solution and live performance system
- No bloat ! fast minimal desktops (fluxbox, evilwm, dwm)
- Live Distribution (works the same on CD, HD, USB, ...)
- multiuser support
- Low Latency Kernel (Ingo Molnar's -rt kernel patches)
- Support for Firewire audio devices (FreeBoB inside)
- Optional support for NVIDIA and ATI evil blobs
- mmx + sse gcc optimisations applied when relevant
- Compatible with any dyne:II modules
- Easy installation, maintenance and update
- SDK tools (dynesdk + milkman) and gcc included for customisations
- International Languages support

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Download -> http://puredyne.goto10.org .
IRC server -> irc.goto10.org #pure:dyne
MailingList -> http://lists.goto10.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/puredyne
Bug Tracker -> http://bugs.dyne.org (section puredyne)
dyne:bolic -> http://dynebolic.org