Happy Holidays

This mix is from a short thread on the Netbehaviour Mailing list - 1 & 2/1/07

Alan Sondheim wrote "3000 US military dead! Not to mention Iraqis and so many others; not to mention world-wide extinctions on a planet heading further to hell - Happy Holidays; if you believe in god/s, pray for the rest of us!... We have met the enemy and he is us - (more or less paraphrased from Pogo)"

I wrote "The New Year Fireworks celebrations at the London Eye, televised at New Year on BBC1, were a spectacular, decadent wonderment. Thousands of people gathered to watch. The ending evoked the anihilation of the city with a series of intense and dramatic white-outs that reminded one of the TV reporting of the first air-raids and bombings of Baghdad in 2003.

This was in stark contrast to the drivelly spoken commentary that accompanied it. Aside from a thin, ambiguous reference to how the explosions might remind spectators of "loved ones abroad" and a repeated question about whether or not the firework display could be considered art or not, the active shallowness of the New Years message really got me down. After the display was over, the chap gasped into the microphone, " So let that inspire your 2007.... Whatever happened last year, this year....give up cigarettes, drink, drugs...whatever you want!". After another vicious year of violence and ignorance promoted in the smoothest way by allied leaders, if central broadcast media really can find no-one out there to talk with some depth and resonance of these things, they should keep quiet; rather than constraining the scope of our collective dreams and visions of the future merely to individualised aspirations for a better regulated personal life."

Dave Miller wrote "I read your posting yesterday about the new year eve fireworks and thought it spot on. It inspired me to 'make' a drawing - also taking in some of alan sondheim's thoughts.

This is a network generated picture (apart from my car drawing) - all from the yahoo web search: 'US+Death+Toll+in+Iraq+Reaches+3000'