Together With The Kids

Last week Graziano Milano led our first training day at HTTP Gallery for media artists interested in working with young people and digital media. We also demonstrated VisitorsStudio.

Especially enjoyable was the process of sharing stories and memories with other participants as a way of identifying some common vivid images and themes that we could then work on together. Finding satisfying ways to work together still remains the most difficult thing in VisitorsStudio - how diverse groups of individuals can identify and commit to participatory processes and it not just feel like going through the motions... or a fight for individuals to get their voices heard. The fear is that the process will end up something like what is sometimes described as 'designing by committee'.

Graziano's exercises demonstrated a number of ways of sharing and translating individual memories and observations of the same experience from words to images and sounds that one could start to evolve vivid and distinct representations around common themes. Admittedly the day was spent with some very creative and open participants but the exercises seemed pretty robust. I can imagine them working in lots of different settings with all kinds of people.