Fundamentalism vs Evolution- another dilemma of coexistence

Ruth Marc Performance Poster
You are invited to a live networked performance by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow
Thursday 20th March 2008
As part of the Liminal Screen Programme at BMNI, Banff

8pm local time in the Colab-lab, JPL Building, BMNI, Banff
2am (GMT) live online in Visitorsstudio,

A 30 minute performance will be given by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow in the Colab-lab, BMNI at 8pm (local time) and live on the Internet in Visitorsstudio,'s real-time online, audio-visual collaborative mixing platform at 2am GMT.

After 30 minutes the mix will open up for everyone who is logged in to Visitorsstudio to join in.

The title for tomorrow’s performance is inspired by a silent news reel from 1925 called 'Fundamentalism vs Evolution' by the Topical Film Company, UK 1925, released last year by the BFI Creative Archive Licence Group. This film represents “the blaze of conflict between Science and the Scriptures…” surrounding the Scopes ‘Monkey’ trial in the USA; staging a head on collision between two trains representing each position.

Marc and Ruth have collected, edited and looped over 300 media files, trawled from a range of other online archives and blogs: general and special interest, didactic and evangelical. Tomorrow these files will be collided in VisitorsStudio.

Join us to watch, heckle or join the mix and preach yourself!

Link for Visitorsstudio:
(just register with name and email to contribute to the mix)

This performance is part of an ongoing art and research project: