Calling Home

We invite you to our cyberformance "Calling Home - Part 1" on UpStage
Tuesday July 1, 2008, find your local time here:
eg: 5am NY, 10am UK, 7pm Bris., Melb., 9pm NZ,

Meet Heather, Esme, Michael J Finch and Grand Uncle. Can you help them find their home? Go to and click on the pictures to get to each character's "stage".

The stages will be active 15 minutes before the performance. Feel free to type in the chat at any time. Make sure your sound is on. If you have trouble loading the stages, contact for support.

Interested in participating in the evolving stories of Michael J Finch, Grand Uncle, Heather Smith and Esmé? Follow-up here

Let's meet online!

Activelayers liz bryce, james cunningham, suzon fuks, cherry truluck