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Events 2006

Month of sundays: Furthernoise.org hosted a month of Sunday afternoon live audio visual internet performances throughout June 06. It featured some of the most innovative international A/V artists mixing remotely in various geographic locations and time zones. Mixes were broadcast to audiences at E:vent, (London) Watershed, (Bristol) & The Point CDC Theatre, (New York). Each featured artist's performance was also followed by contributions to an Open Mix by audienes online as well as in participating venues. [read more...]

4th June
by Roger Mills & Neil Jenkins
11th June
by Paul Wilson & James Smith
18th June
by John Hopkins
25th June
by John Kannenberg & Glenn Bach
Open Mix
led by Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett

Events 2004 - 05
Random Pick of Mixes
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Here is a selection of Sessions and Mixes that were archived manually 2004-05 before we had developed the 'recording' facility. They show a number of ways in which VistorsStudio Version1 was used by different groups of people.

Furthernoise Live: February 2004 - October 2005
A series of monthly live A/V net events hosted by Furthernoise.org. Each scheduled performance session ended with an open net jam between performers and other visitors.

2toms process | John Kannenberg | Chris Vine | Mark Francombe Other events included MULTI-av Cross Continental Audio Video Jam with Mikroknytes (USA), Sawtooth (UK) and Darren Zeising aka Stalker (Australia) and Furthernoise Live on Resonance FM with Scarcelight Recordings & Mikroknytes.

Mostar Mixes: from a media workshop run by The Public in Herzegovina, working with children from the previously divided city of Mostar to celebrate the rebuilding of the famous bridge. This live performance of their work was projected in a local community centre for the families of all participants.
August 2005

DissensionConvention: A Transatlantic Multimedia Protest Jam
Coinciding with the Republican Convention in New York, over 20 international net artists and digital artists broadcast a new collaborative art-polemic with a focus on how Bush and the US Republicans negatively influence every locality around the world. This real-time multimedia protest jam was organised by furtherfield.org and projected at RNC NODE at Postmasters Gallery and in local NY bars.
29 August - 2 September 2004

Andy Deck: Furtherfield Interview
On the occasion of retrospective of his work at Furtherfield Andy Deck was joined by Marc Garrett, Neil Jenkins and Ruth Catlow. Chris Webb mixed images, animations and sound files from his work.
August 2004

Chris Webb - Screen Moments
March 2004