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To enter VisitorsStudio download the Flash Plugin (v8+) for your browser.

VisitorsStudio Downloads

VisitorsStudio for Desktop...Coming soon

By downloading the DesktopVS application for Windows or Mac you can connect directly to the Live Studio from your desktop, fullscreen without opening a browser window.


... coming soon

Soon you will be able to download a screen saver that plays the VisitorsStudio Mixes of the Month.

Free software downloads for creating and manipulating content for uploading to VisitorsStudio
gimp - image manipulation software

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, for X Windows systems. UnixGimp WindowsGIMP MacOSXGIMP
audacity - audio manipulation software


The GNU Multi-track audio editor for Linux, Macintosh & Windows
Riva FLV Encoder

Video Encoders

Free Riva FLV Encoder for Windows - encode your movies in FLV Flash Video format

ffmpegx FLV Encoder

ffmpegx Mac OS X graphic user interface to encode a movie in FLV Flash Video format
open-source browser


Mozilla Firefox the open-source browser.



Other real-time online platorms for networked collaborative art


An online artist collective started by Ed Stastny and maintained with a group of volunteers and supporters since January 1993, making it one of the oldest Internet-based art organizations.An online repository for artwork on the Internet, pre-www, to facilitate sharing and exposure, SITO worked using anonymous FTP sites. SITO is open to all levels of artists, and at no cost.

Art games and experimentation with collaborative art projects that use the Internet as a means of communicating including HyGrid's branching matrix of tiny square images and Gridcosm recursive collaborative collage.

A Multi-User Cross Media Synthesizer produced by the Waag Society. A distributed application that allows multiple players to generate, synthesize and process images, sounds and text within a shared realtime environment. As an instrument it allows communities of players to dynamically control and modify all aspects of digitized media in a collaborative performance."


UpStage is an open source web-based venue and tool for artists to compile different digital media for textual and audiovisual communication into a live performance, in real time, for online audiences.

By Avatar Body Collision a performance troupe dedicated to globally dispersed cyberformance. A central thematic in their work is the relationship of the body to the machine, and in particular, what it means to be human in a world of intelligent machines.

Andyland and ArtContext by Andy Deck.

Collaborative drawing and communication spaces include Glyphiti, Imprimatur and Panel Junction. These use the Internet, the gallery and public spaces to challenge corporate control over communication tools and software.


Other resources for networked collaborative art

Turbulence Networked Performance Blog

A research blog about network-enabled performance
Initiated in July 2004 by Jo-Anne Green and Helen Thorington of, and Michelle Riel, Assistant Professor of New Media at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB). Chronicaling current network-enabled practice, to obtain a wide-range of perspectives on issues and to uncover commonalities in the work and revealing "an explosion of creative experimental pursuits made possible by the migration of computation out of the desktop PC and into the physical world".


Projects collected by Trebor Sholtz at the Institute for Distributed Creativity. Participatory online projects, collaboration in media art.


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